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Why Choose Non-Traditional Daycare & Boarding?


Dogs are social creatures. They are naturally inclined toward pack behavior. It’s an inherent structure that dates back to the beginning of Canine existence. In the wild, puppies are taught socialization and communication skills by their mothers so they do not become aggressive and can get along with others in order to survive.


The pack dynamic has changed over time and now includes human pack members, but the basic principle still applies.  The sooner you teach your dog to socialize and introduce him to new situations, the better your chance of having a well-rounded, happy dog.


Dogs that don’t get the opportunity to learn these important socialization skills may end up being nervous and anxious which could result in an aggressive or fearful dog.


The Benefits

  • Socialization. Your dog will learn how to adapt to new situations and environments.
  • Exercise. Regular exercise improves bone and joint health as well as heart and lung functions. A dog whose exercise needs are met will rest more calmly at home and is more easily managed.
  • Cure for Boredom and/or Anxiety. We all have to work, but eight or more hours each day is a long time to leave a dog alone. If your dog is bored or anxious, you can expect digging, chewing and scratching. Daycare can save your home and your sanity!
  • Your Dog’s Happiness. Need we say more?

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